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“Your positive Actions combined with positive Spirit, results in Success”

Shiv Khera

Your business is a direct reflection of where you are in life, the issues that have to be addressed, the limiting beliefs that have kept you stuck in the past will continue to be a brake to a successful life. It is important to make the connection between your personal and professional life, take responsibility for the work that needs to be done, or the same issues will show up over and over.

If You wish to

Regain a sense of clarity, your motivation and energy
Reconnect with your full potential, and true desires
Create new positive beliefs that will feed your enthusiasm
Remove your blocks and gain flow in the process
Bring inspiration and purpose into your life

Personal Growth takes Courage, and willingness to let go of what does not serve you anymore

Becoming a successful person requires work on a personal level. In order to do so, it is important to be aware of what stops you from reaching your goals. This is where clarity is brought back into your life. When you experience ongoing stress for a long period of time, your body continues to release excessive amount of cortisol which affects your mind and whole body. This may lead to fatigue, lowered creativity, difficulty concentrating, lower productivity, depression and weakened immune response. By interrupting the negative pattern you are in, you can move towards a better state of being and access the path to change with awareness and lucidity.

Muriel is my go-to guru for all things calming and spiritual. She has a wealth of knowledge about essential oils and is incredibly helpful with suggestions on how they can help with health, diet, mood and energy. She is always sharing her experiences and ideas. Her positive outlook on life, her encouragement and her enthusiasm for what she does is just magic