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the help of Essential Oils

Like many people in France, I have used aromatherapy as an amateur, but it was more to scent our home than for therapeutic reasons.

It was after a discussion with a friend of mine in Singapore, with whom I shared my anxiety with respect to a 22 hour trip to holiday in France that I started taking essential oils seriously. My eldest son suffered from a phobia of flying and I imagined my up-coming flight with my 3 boys as a one way trip to hell. This friend gave me some Stress Away from Young living and I splashed all of us before and during (and some more) our flight. The stewardess must have appreciated it as well because it was quite a relaxed flight for the whole cabin.

I was able to manage the situation and upon my return I contacted her to find out more about these miracle essential oils. Since then I am a believer : I joined Young Living, I took a certifying course with a french school and today I proudly deal with common ailments with essential oils. What a change it has been for us all !

Even my husband has started to use some of them on regular basis as well as supplements (and that’s a miracle). But that’s not all : I love using them in my cosmetics, shampoos and household products as well as in my special blends for special situations.

Why did I chose Young Living ? Young Living has been around for 25 years and the founder, Gary Young, a man with a vision, perfectionned a process called Seed to Seal during which the quality of the seed up to the distillation and the bottling are rigorously tested so that each drop exceeds expectations. This allows you to receive in your home products of the highest quality and integrity, the perfect balance between traditional wisdom and advanced techniques. On top of it there is an amazingly extensive choice of individual oils, perfect blends as well as supplements, everyday household items such as soaps, shampoos, cleaning products, and laundry detergent.

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