Find your inner peace

It was in front of a good cup of fancy coffee, surrounded by a lush and beautiful singaporean country side (I can still see myself) that one of my dear friends mentioned Reiki to me for the first time. A friend from Bangkok was visiting and was taking this opportunity to provide Reiki sessions in Singapore. She was adamant that I had to try so I accepted (a bit reluctantly I must say). When I tried to understand a bit more about Reiki, she answered mysteriously : « Reiki can’t be explained, it must be received ». Ok.

Filled with trust, I did not investigate and went to my appointment intrigued and excited. We had gone through difficult times with my family, so any relief from anxiety and stress was greatly appreciated. Coming out of the session, I felt like I was walking on clouds and I was filled with inner peace. One year later, I decided to become a student in Reiki and have been in touch with my fellow Reiki Masters since then.

A gentle method which brings balance and flow to your body, mind and emotions

So ? What is Reiki about ? One thing is certain, it is difficult to explain but easy to show. What I can say is that it is a gentle healing practice which promotes relaxation and wellness by placing the hands over or slightly above the body. It is an unconventional healing technique which takes

its roots from Japan

Reiki combines the Japanese word-characters of « rei » (God’s wisdom or the higher power) and « ki » (vital, life force energy). It could translate to « spiritually guided life force energy ». A treatment feels like a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through and around you. Reiki helps the whole person on all level : body, emotions, mind and spirit. This creates a feeling of peace, security and wellbeing.

Would you like to know more ? Interested in a session ? Don’t hesitate to contact me.

The Reiki session on my left knee was a wonderful experience. In a silent room with full concentration also on my side, I was witnessing a high level of energy, which was exchanged between Muriel and myself. The body felt warm and calm and the pain in the knee diminished through this Reiki, this energy, as I call it, enveloped all and deep peace and hope for a painless knee was the outcome


My first ever Reiki treatment was with Muriel, I was very apprehensive as I wasn’t sure what to expect or how I would feel. From the beginning Muriel made me feel completely relaxed and at ease. My first ever Reiki was something I will never forget, I have never felt so relaxed and peaceful. The oils Muriel used were just perfect and the overwhelming connection that I had with Muriel during the session is difficult to put into words, it was perfect.


Session with Essential Oil and aromatherapy advice
60 € ou 72 CHF

Distance session with aromatherapy advice
40 Euros ou 50 CHF