For an Inspired and Sparkly life

with a “Keep Zen” attitude

You would like to get rid of your stress and stop feeling overwhelmed,

To reconnect with yourself

Live your life with enthusiasm

or just manage a discomfort brought by a sudden or recurring situation ?

EFT (or Tapping) could help you regain the flow in your life…

One day I was reading a newsletter from Louise Hay’s website and I came across EFT. It went right to this part of my brains that says :  You need to know more, much more

Now you might ask me « What is EFT !? ».

EFT stands for « Emotional Freedom Techniques » and is a powerful method based on research showing that emotional trauma contributes greatly to diseases and poor state of being. Clinical trials have shown that EFT, also known as tapping, is able to rapidly reduce the emotional impacts of memories and incidents that trigger emotional distress. Through this method, distress is reduced and the body can start healing through rebalancing itself. Its effectiveness on phobias, anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder has been clinically demonstrated. The first thing that was of interest to me was the fact that it reduces the level of cortisol in our body and cortisol rhymes with Stress. Well, not really but you understand what I mean. It is not a method that can be used in lieu of an appropriate medical treatment, but it can be used to feel and get better.

Reading more about the process, I really could relate to the idea that when you concentrate on an emotionally charged situation or event, it is the first step towards the awareness that there is a glitch somewhere.

Finally, we can say our goodbyes to the notion that to be joyful, we just have to repeat that we are happy in front of the mirror.

Allowing for the connection Spirit (negative situation) and Body (tapping of the meridians), the intensity of negative emotion is decreased, thus diminishing its impact on your current life and consequently, avoiding having to face disproportionate and intense triggers. If you have already experienced this, you know how disruptive it can be.

You face difficult situations over the years which might create resentment and emotional glitches, but one day the dam opens, and everything overflow in seconds impacting you and everyone around you. The good news is that by combining EFT with Aromatherapy, you immediately start feeling more balanced, and are able to notice the triggers and deal with them more effectively and calmly.

The process is not without hurdles, but the results are astonishing and make your life so much more fulfilling.

Session with Essential Oil and Aromatherapy advice
60 € ou 72 CHF

Session via Skype and Aromatherapy advice
55 € ou 65 CHF