Find your Path to Success

Develop your POTENTIAL by REMOVING your BLOCKS and find your own PATH to SUCCESS.

Live, Dream, Grow

Hi ! I am Muriel, a Business Owner, a Mum, a Wife, a Friend, a Globe Trotter.

I have always loved travelling and I lived more than half my life abroad, mainly in Asia (India, Malaysia and Singapore). I have 3 wonderful sons, a supporting husband and finding balance between my business and my family has been made possible as I worked on a personal level to reach it.

I have taken the opportunity to turn what drives me into a Business :

I help women live a fulfilling life, uncover their true self, turn their dreams into objectives, find balance and live the greatest expression of themselves through personal development.

I have learned so much while abroad :

About myself, and about the importance of Family and Friendship and how CHANGE can be challenging.

EFT Hypnose Reiki Aromatherapy Magnetism :

These are my coaching tools to promote personal and professional development in my clients.

Understanding how our brain works and how blocks are formed and removed, in order to :

  • to learn to let go and let flow by being present and live more in the now
  • to create goals that are aligned with you and your deepest expression of self
  • to be focussed and productive by gaining clarity and become un-distractible
  • to let go of your fear of Failure… or Success so that the past doesn’t define your future anymore.
  • to re-learn how to be your own Cheerleader, instill the joy of life so you can transform your past and your future,
  • to feel Valued and Enough, removing the charges of past experiences and relationships

I love what I do, I learn and grow everyday