Travelling is a big part of our lives. We went to Scotland in May to meet up with our friends and taste their whisky. We had a fantastic trip and it was the first time I had been back since my student days. It was in Edinburgh that I spent almost 2 years learning English. So it’s been a few years already….

The landscapes of Scotland are extraordinary, whether it’s sunny, rainy or windy. It’s a bit like stepping back in time, back to the wilderness, with a mystical and enchanting touch.

Castles, ruins, hills, seaside or lakeside, pubs, everything is there for a total change of scenery.

When you go to Scotland, you can experience all the seasons in one day. So it’s important to be well protected from wind, rain and humidity, while being prepared for bright sunshine.

So apart from warm waterproof clothes, I always travel with my little essential oil kit. And that’s what I’m sharing with you today.

The 5 essential oils I use to protect myself from the cold

Here’s what I take with me:

Stress Away :

Perfect for our plane trip, it helps me relax especially during take off and landing. I take it as a roll on, as it’s easier to travel with (and it’s super pretty). I have it in my bag and I can use it whenever I want. If I go with a suitcase and take my diffuser with me (and yes, I do travel with my diffuser), I take a normal bottle, without the roll on. Stress Away is a blend of the following essential oils: lime, copahu, lavender and vanilla extract for ultimate relaxation. This blend of essential oils helps to live in the moment and soothe the mind, and of course reduces stress.

R.C.® :

This blend helps me when I have a cough. It is always important to use essential oils as soon as possible. As soon as I feel the first symptoms, I apply 2 drops on the chest, at the level of the lungs, in front and in the back, as well as the throat. I also inhale its fresh notes deeply several times with my cupped hands in front of my mouth and nose. This helps me to clear my airways. R.C.® is a blend of the following essential oils: common eucalyptus, myrtle, marjoram, Scotch pine, eucalyptus radiata, lemon eucalyptus, lavender, cypress, black spruce and peppermint. When it was first created, this blend was intended for people who were suffering from grief, it was in the category of emotional blends. So in case of sadness, you can use it too.


An unpleasant sensation in the throat or ears, and I apply a few drops several times a day to make sure it doesn’t get worse. In addition, I can use it against the little bugs that sting, the “midges” that reappear as soon as there is a ray of sunshine (yes, there is sunshine in Scotland). It is a very good disinfectant. I love the smell, which reminds me of Asia thanks to the Lemon Grass it contains. It is also the ultimate weapon against bad smells. The combination of citronella, lemongrass, lavender, rosemary, myrtle and tea tree essential oils creates a fresh scent.


As soon as I feel the first symptoms of a cold, I apply this blend under my feet to give me a boost. Containing herbs and spices, this warm and spicy blend is perfect for the long winter months. Thieves® contains the essential oils of clove, eucalyptus, lemon, cinnamon and rosemary to give it a powerful herbal scent. The recipe for this blend was inspired by a legend from the south of France, according to which four 15th century brigands covered themselves with a unique blend of spices and plants to prevent them from getting sick during their misdeeds. This mixture is found in many cleaning and dental care products.


I take it everywhere, this dear “Swiss Army knife” of essential oils: small sores, light burns, headaches, tension in the muscles and jaw, blisters, in short, nothing scares it. One of the reasons why it never leaves me when I travel, I put a few drops on my pillow in hotels. I sometimes have trouble with smells, and this one feels like home. It has a relaxing and refreshing scent that is particularly soothing when I use it during my bedtime routine.

3 of these blends are really for the cold weather. Stress Away and Lavender are always with me at home and while I travel, even in the hot beaches. They are amazing companions that never leave my handbag.

My secret weapon

Inner Defense: Capsules that help me boost myself and fight winter ailments. They also contain essential oils of oregano, thyme and the Star Thieves® blend. The fact that Inner Defense comes in capsule form which is so convenient to use.

And of course, Ningxia red and Ningxia nitro, which I take in the morning with my breakfast (I especially recommend the stuffed sheep’s stomach). And as the whisky was pleasant the night before, I don’t suffer from it in the morning.

All the Essential oils I have mentioned are part of a great Premium Starter Kit Young Living put together so that you can have a try on their “must haves”.

Bottles are 5 ml so you can travel with them or have them in your hand bag. I am also your personal adviser when you buy the kit : always happy to share my knowledge strong of 10 years of experience !